Dick Trickle Memorial Project

All members of the Dick Trickle Memorial Project staff are completely volunteer.  No salaries, wages, stipends, or benefits are provided to any member of the staff. There are currently six Directors consisting of: Gary Erickson, Tom Reffner, Marv Marzofka, John Alft, Dick Mannstedt, and Donn Lee Steuck.  Director's duties consist of quite a variety of activities.  We have taken it upon ourselves to design the Memorial, raise funds, create public awareness of the Memorial, work with local officials as well as our engineering support staff, perform construction work, and do whatever else needs to be done to make the Memorial become a reality.  To date fund raising has been the largest single task we have undertaken.  In doing so we have attended races at several area race tracks, car shows,  and other racing related activities where we have sold an array of Dick Trickle Memorabilia as well as donor inscriptions that will appear on the donations wall.  We have also performed actual hands on work at the Memorial site in the Rudolph Village Park.  Our activities are kept current on the Dick Trickle Memorial Project Facebook page.  We are dedicated to completing this Memorial project and establish a perpetual maintenance fund.