Dick Trickle Memorial Project

Jerry Huntington, John Timm, and Marv Marzofka are setting and leveling the j-bolts.

Ground breaking ceremony with Tom Reffner looking on as Delores Trickle Iwanski, Chuck Trickle, and Sue Trickle Martin turn over the first shovels of ground.

The big day we had been working so hard getting prepared for.  Ray from Ray's Concrete Pumping is setting up for the soon to arrive load of concrete.   

All of the 16 inch square, 3/4" thick steel plates are bolted on to the concrete pillars and are leveled and ready for structural steel to be welded into place.  

Plenty of re-bar was placed in the footing forms.  Everything is tied together real well with the re-bar.  

Gary Erickson and Tom Reffner inspecting the trench after backfilling with washed aggregate.

More prepping of the sono tubes.  We covered them with plastic to prevent them from absorbing any rain water.  The pour was not done until the following week and weather and storms seemed to plague us through out the project.

After the excavation was completed we placed an 8 inch lift of washed aggregate and compacted it for a solid base to build on.  All sub surface water will also drain through the aggregate into the 6 inch perforated drain tile that was placed around the outside perimeter and down the center of the site.

Stripping the top soil and begin digging the entire excavation prior to building forms and pouring all below grade concrete.

Sub surface drain tile and washed aggregate were placed below grade around the Memorial site. 

Jerry Huntington, Gary Erickson, Tom Reffner, John Timm, and Marv Marzofka are busy setting and leveling the sono tubes.  You will also see the wood templates on top of each tube that were used to set the anchor j-bolts. 

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Here is a pic of the interior of a sono tube with all re-bar and j-bolts in place ready for the concrete pour.  All of the concrete work meets or exceeds all engineering design for the project.

No shortage of work while pumping the concrete.  Ray is running the snorkel and pump while Jerry Huntington and Larry Pee Wee Dye are filling tubes while Donn Lee Steuck and Tom Erickson are checking final measurements as John Timm and Denny Erickson are double checking the anchor j-bolts. Mick Erickson is checking the bottoms of sono tubes while Tom Reffner is making last minute adjustments on the j-bolts.  Marv Marzofka is 'supervising' from the fence.  

A very happy and hard working crew.  

Here is a bird's eye view of the footings with sono tubes and statue base all formed and ready for pouring of concrete.  This view is from the backside of the Memorial facing the parking lot.  The statue base is centered on the front footing.

The results of many hours of hard work during an extended hot spell.  Straight, plum, perfectly centered and ready to be back filled with more crushed aggregate.

Donn Lee Steuck placing the 'saddle' re-bar for the stature pedestal base.  The forms are built and ready to be set.  Also notice the re-bar with saddle re-bar already in place for the 14 columns.

All of the clay and topsoil pile have been leveled and are ready to be seeded in the spring of 2017.

Forms being built for the actual footings.  All of the pillars and the statue pedestal base were set on top of the footings.

Concrete pump in place and 9.5 yards of concrete on scene ready to pump.  Some clouds building in the distance fellows let's get to work!

Many stock car numbers were etched into the tops of the pillars and of course the #99 was etched into the statue base.  Mother Nature outsmarted us though and opened up the skies just after we finished the pour and washed them all out.  It was a heck of an effort though.